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Pramac S12000 230v +CONN+AVR+RCD Long Run Generator
Pramac S12000 230v +CONN+AVR+RCD Long Run Generator

Pramac S12000 230v +CONN+AVR+RCD Long Run Generator

Product Code: PD103SH200I

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  • Honda GX630 Engine
  • 11.9kVA/10.7kW Max : 10kVA/9.1kW Continuous
  • Long Run
  • Sockets: 1 x 230v 16a Shuko : 1 x 230v 16a
  •                     1 x 230v 32a
  • FREE UK Mainland Delivery
  • ADD:  Trolley Kit  Here
  • ADD:  Oil  (2 Litres Req.)   Here  
  • ADD:  Wireless Remote Start/Stop  Here

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Pramac S12000-1 Petrol Generator

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Pramac S12000 230v +CONN+AVR+RCD Long Run Generator

The Pramac S12000-230v Elect/Start Portable Petrol Generator with long run fuel tank.

The Pramac S12000-230v 1-Phase petrol generator is the ultimate in quality.  A fully featured professional generator, designed and manufactured to be the best portable generator available. A popular choice amongst those companies and individuals who want the BEST. The Pramac S12000 is built using a super reliable 4-stroke Honda GX630 engine. Pramac have designed this generator to ensure the highest performance and reliability levels at a very attractive price. The S12000-230v 1-phase is powerful, strong, robust generator yet very easy to maintain.

This is a 1 phase generator, with an out put of 230V, fitted with:-
1 x 230V 32 amp   and   2 x 230V 16 amp socket outlets.

The Pramac S Series Range

Pramac S Class machines can be used in various fields as emergency power supplies, industrial uses and long periods. With long run fuel tanks offering between 5-12 hours (model dependant) the S series Pramac generators are ideal for applications where performance and power is demanded through extended periods of time. 

Remote Start/Stop.
Wheel Kit.
Gas Conversion.

The components that are used for the construction of these machines are the result of precise selection from the suppliers, which gives high standards of quality at low costs of production. First class materials and superior quality finishing (painting with epoxy powder) etc, are used in production of these machines.

The highest levels of technology and reliability characterise these products. They represent the most advanced products in today's market in their respective range of power and are chosen on their innovative specifications by many important users in industry, agriculture, building and hire.

Purchasing your Pramac generator from a Pramac Authorised Dealer offers you the piece of mind and security required when making an expensive generator purchase that you will not get from non authorised or other online distributers. 

Why buy from an authorised dealer?

Purchasing through an Authorised Dealer is the only way to ensure that:

  • You are buying a brand-new, Genuine Pramac Generator.
  • Your generator will be covered by Pramac's UK warranty.
  • Any servicing or repair work will be conducted by experienced personnel.

Pramac S12000-1 Generator

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*Pramac specs may change without prior notice* 

Engine specifications
Engine: Honda Model GX630
Operating Speed-Nominal rpm: 3000
Speed governor: Mechanical
Fuel: Petrol
Oil capacity L: 1.9
Starting system: Electric Only

Standard Equipment
CONN - Prewired for remote control (AMF / RSS)
Capacitor + AVR Regulation
DPP    - Differential protection

Alternator Specifications
Class: H
IP protection: 23
Poles: 2
Frequency Hz: 50
Voltage regulation system: Capacitor + AVR

Dimensional Data
Length mm: 960, Width mm: 641, Height mm: 667
Dry weight Kg: 162
Fuel tank capacity L: 24
Autonomy Fuel consumption @ 75% PRP l/h: 4.23
Fuel consumption @ 100% PRP l/h: 5.64
Running time @ 75% PRP h: 5.67
Running time @ 100% PRP h: 4.26
Noise level Guaranteed noise level (LWA) dB(A): 96
Noise pressure level @ 7 mt dB(A): 68
Genset Control Panels (CONN)
Start selector switch with key: OFF - ON - START
Pushbutton Choke
CONNector for AMF/RSS (Accessory available)
Magneto Thermal Protection
Oil Guard
1 x  230V 16A IP54 Shuko  :  1 x  2P+T CEE 230V 16A IP44
1 x  2P+T CEE 230V 32A IP44