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Pramac PX25 Weigh Scale Pallet Truck - Accurate Weighing System
Pramac PX25 Weigh Scale Pallet Truck

Pramac PX25 Weigh Scale Pallet Truck

Product Code: G6B330UV100

  • Full 2500KG Capacity
  • Ergonomic
  • Large LCD Display
  • Accurate Weighing System
  • Quality Buid

Pictures for illustration purposes only, colour and configuration may vary.

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Pramac PX25 Weigh Scale Pallet Truck


The PX25 pallet truck is a simple, economical and robust tool to be used for lifting and weighing of transported loads. Thanks to the 4 load cells it is able to be very precise and functional in all internal weighing operations; ideal for checking incoming goods, avoiding overloads and determining shipping weights.


Its large-sized 6 digits LCD display provides accurate and precise weighing in kg and lb. The setting of tare shows both gross and net weights. Weights are shown in 0.5/1 kg/lb steps with 0,05% precision. Main functions are: • Tare • Unbalanced load • Auto-off


The structure is designed with a double frame consisting of a lower fork on which stands a counter fork. Both forks house two load cells allowing a uniform load distribution, and keeping high weighing accuracy even in case of collision and unbalanced load.


The PX25 electronic is powered by 4 x AA standard battery to be fitted in a specific module. The battery provides 30 hours autonomy. The display include a low status indicator


Resistant and reliable one piece cast iron pump, worked with numerical control machine, including: • Maximum pressure valve: safety device that ensures the transpallet against overloads. When the pressure inside the hydraulic circuit exceeds the set calibration value according to the maximum nominal flow, the valve automatically locks the forks. • ON/OFF lowering valve • External oil tank

CONFIGURATION PX25 STANDARD: nylon - polyurethane steering wheels and polyurethane tandem rollers

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*Manufacturers Specication may change without prior notice, this is a guide only*


1.1 Manufacturer LIFTER
1.3 Drive Manual Lift Manual
1.4 Operator type Pedestrian
1.5 Load capacity Q Kg 2500
1.6 Load centre distance c mm 600
1.8 Load axle to end forks x mm 975
1.9 Wheel base y mm 1250


2.1 Service weight (battery included) Kg 113
2.2 Axle load, laden rear Kg 1830
2.2 Axle load, laden front Kg 783
2.3 Axle load, unladen front Kg 71
2.3 Axle load, unladen rear Kg 42 Tyres/Chassis
3.1 Tyres: front wheels POLY.C
3.1 Tyres: rear wheels POLY.I.
3.2 Tyre size: Steering wheels - Width mm 55
3.2 Tyre size: Steering wheels - Diameter mm 200
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Diameter mm 82
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Width mm 60
3.5 Tyre size: rear wheels - Q.ty (X=driven) nr 4
3.5 Tyre size: front wheels - Q.ty (X=driven) nr 2
3.5 Rear balancing axle No
3.6 Tread, front b10 mm 155
3.7 Tread, rear b11 mm 375


4.4 Lift height h3 mm 115
4.9 Height of tiller in drive position max h14 mm 1160
4.9 Height of tiller in drive position min h14 mm 690
4.15 Height, lowered h13 mm 90
4.19 Overall lenght l1 mm 1596
4.20 Lenght to face of forks l2 mm 411
4.21 Overall width b1 mm 555
4.22 Fork dimensions - Thickness s mm 60
4.22 Fork dimensions - Width e mm 180
4.22 Fork dimensions - Lenght l mm 1185
4.25 Distance between fork arms b5 mm 555
4.32 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 mm 30
4.34 Aisle width Ast mm 1851
4.35 Turning radius Wa mm 1426

Performance data

5.2 Lifting speed laden strokes 13
5.2 Lifting speed unladen strokes 13
5.3 Lowering speed laden m/s 0.05
5.3 Lowering speed unladen m/s 0.02
Scale Digits Q.ty 6
Digit height mm 25
Kilograms Yes Lbs Yes Tare Yes Auto-off Yes Totalization No Counting No Operating time h 30 Accuracy % 0.05 Shear-beam load cells Q.ty 4 Division Kg 0.5 6.4 Battery voltage V 6 6.4 Battery capacity Ah 1.1