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Pramac MX1016 Manual Stacker 1000KG
Pramac MX1016 Manual Stacker 1000KG

Pramac MX1016 Manual Stacker 1000KG

Product Code: G009106

  • 1000kg Working Load
  • Very Menouverable
  • Suitable for Euro-Pallets
  • Foot Pump Lifting
  • Quality Build
  • Delivery Included

Pictures for illustration purposes only, colour and configuration may vary.

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£ 1,373.93 inc. VAT

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Pramac MX1016 Manual Stacker 1000KG


MX Series is a robust and resistant stacker perfect to lift and transport your loads. Reinforced forks, steel pulley and forks precisely driven by rollers, among its main features, make it an excellent compromise between price and performance. The machine is also equipped with a foot pedal to lift forks, which considerably reduces the operator’s effort.


Increased ergonomic handle thanks to plastic cover and the 3 position control lever (down, neutral, up) to make lifting and transport operation even "lighter". STEEL PULLEY A sturdy chain and a strong steel pulley ensure great resistance and reliability even working at maximum load capacity.


The foot pedal can be used instead of the handle to raise the stacker forks to the desired height.


Nylon steering wheels and nylon rollers

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*Manufacturers Specication may change without prior notice, this is a guide only*


1.1 Manufacturer LIFTER
1.3 Drive Manual
1.4 Operator type Pedestrian
1.5 Load capacity Q Kg 1000
1.6 Load centre distance c mm 600
1.8 Load axle to end forks x mm 800
1.9 Wheel base y mm 1240


2.1 Service weight Kg 210
2.2 Axle load, laden rear Kg 901
2.2 Axle load, laden front Kg 309
2.3 Axle load, unladen front Kg 129
2.3 Axle load, unladen rear Kg 81


3.1 Tyres: stabilizers wheels - front NYLON
3.1 Tyres: rear wheels NYLON
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Diameter mm 80
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Width mm 70
3.4 Tyre size: stabilizers wheels front - Diameter mm 150
3.4 Tyre size: stabilizers wheels front - Width mm 40
3.5 Tyre size: rear wheels - Q.ty (X=driven) nr 2
3.6 Tread, front b10 mm 600
3.7 Tread, rear b11 mm 380


4.2 Height, mast lowered h1 mm 1970
4.3 Normal free lifting h2 mm 1510
4.4 Lift height h3 mm 1510
4.5 Height, mast extended h4 mm 1970
4.9 Height of tiller in drive position max h14 mm 1090
4.15 Height, lowered h13 mm 90
4.19 Overall lenght l1 mm 1690
4.20 Lenght to face of forks l2 mm 540
4.21 Overall width b1 mm 740
4.22 Fork dimensions - Thickness s mm 60
4.22 Fork dimensions - Width e mm 170
4.22 Fork dimensions - Lenght l mm 1150
4.24 Fork carriage width b3 mm 550
4.25 Distance between fork arms b5 mm 550
4.32 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 mm 30
4.34 Aisle width Ast mm 2166
4.35 Turning radius Wa mm 1400

Performance data

5.2 Lifting speed laden m/s 73
5.2 Lifting speed unladen m/s 73
5.3 Lowering speed laden m/s 0.12
5.3 Lowering speed unladen m/s 0.03

Residual lifting capacity Lifting height (H3) 1600 mm Kg 1000