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Pramac GX12 EVO Electric Powered Stackers 1200kG 1150x560
Pramac GX12 EVO Electric Powered Stackers 1200kG 1150x560

Pramac GX12 EVO Electric Powered Stackers 1200kG 1150x560

Product Code: HM71230P000

  • Easy to Use
  • Very Menoeuvrable
  • AGM Battery Included
  • Compact For Narrow Areas
  • 1200KG Load Capability
  • On Board Charger 
    Pictures for illustration purposes only, colour and configuration may vary.

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£ 5,985.60 inc. VAT

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Pramac GX12 EVO Electric Powered Stackers 1200kG 1150x560

This compact, powerful and robust stacker is the ideal solution for working in confined spaces. The reduced width (800 mm), the lateral driving system and the wide mast positioning allow great manoeuvrability, stability and visibility. Built-in battery charger with integrated cable and plug make it a plug and play unit!


The EVO version is equipped with powerful AGM deep cycle batteries that allow long endurance and large number of charging cycles. The ergonomic technopolymer tiller offers a comfortable grip. A specific electronic control enables lifting the forks with a proportional usage.


The overall width is the same as the Europallet (800 mm) to allow working in narrow spaces and corridors, increasing manoeuvrability and reducing the turning radius. The combination of side guide, wide mast and low cover offer outstanding visibility.


Fully integrated ergonomic technopolymer tiller system including finger tip throttle and proportional fork controls, safety pushbutton, horn, turtle button, hourmeter, battery status indicator as standard equipment.


Offered as standard, this function enables operating the truck in confined spaces: it allows the unit to travel with the tiller in upright position. This function is activated by pressing the turtle button on the tiller and rotating the drive control throttle. The truck travels at limited speed. Release the button to disable this function.


Strong ABS cover with storage compartments on top, easily removable to speed up maintenance operations. The bottom access opening enables an immediate disassembly of motor wheel, portal and tiller without lifting the machine. Schuko plug with spiral cable for an easy battery charging.


A separate compartment is the housing of AGM deep cycle batteries. Such batteries are powerful (110Ah), allow 3 hours endurance and don't need maintenance. 

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*Manufacturers Specication may change without prior notice, this is a guide only*

1.3 Drive Electric
1.4 Operator type Pedestrian
1.5 Load capacity Q Kg 1200
1.6 Load centre distance c mm 600
1.8 Load axle to end forks x mm 780
1.9 Wheel base y mm 1234

2.1 Service weight (battery included) Kg 618

3.1 Tyres: front wheels RUBBER
3.1 Tyres: stabilizers wheels - front POLY.C.
3.1 Tyres: rear wheels POLY.C.

4.2 Height, mast lowered h1 mm 2250
4.3 Normal free lifting h2 mm 80
4.4 Lift height h3 mm 3410
4.5 Height, mast extended h4 mm 3916
4.19 Overall lenght l1 mm 1760
4.20 Lenght to face of forks l2 mm 609
4.21 Overall width b1 mm 800
4.22 Fork dimensions - Thickness s mm 70
4.22 Fork dimensions - Width e mm 150
4.22 Fork dimensions - Lenght l mm 1150
4.24 Fork carriage width b3 mm 650
4.25 Distance between fork arms b5 mm 560
4.32 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 mm 20
4.34 Aisle width Ast mm 2210
4.35 Turning radius Wa mm 1430

Performance data
5.1 Travel speed laden Km/h 4.7
5.1 Travel speed unladen Km/h 5.2 
5.10 Service brake

Electric motors
6.1 Drive motor power kW 0.7
6.2 Lift motor power kW 2.2
Battery Type Tipo AGM
6.4 Battery voltage V 24
6.4 Battery capacity, Min Ah 110 
6.5 Battery weight, Min Kg 76
6.6 Energy consumption according to VDI cycle kWh/h 0.9
8.4 Sound level at driver's ear dB(A) 62
Residual lifting capacity Lifting height (H3) 2500 mm Kg 1200
Lifting height (H3) 2900 mm Kg 800
Lifting height (H3) 3500 mm