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Pramac GS EVO 25S4 1000x525 Pallet Truck 2500kG
Pramac GS EVO 25S4 1000x525 Pallet Truck

Pramac GS EVO 25S4 1000x525 Pallet Truck

Product Code: TEB21AVY100

  • Monolithic Design
  • Chromed Piston & Rod Oil Seal
  • Maximum Pressure Valve
  • High Quality Powder Coating
  • Proportional Lowerig Valve
  • Designed for Intensive Use
  • Capacity 2500kG

Pictures for illustration purposes only, colour and configuration may vary.

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Pramac GS EVO 25S4 1000x525 Pallet Truck


The GS EVO is the top choice for hand pallet truck: designed for an intensive use with maximum easiness of use and superior ergonomics. Available in a wide range of options, it is the right tool for customer that is looking for a tailored product for his application or simply a great professional tool.


The GS EVO pump has been designed with extreme care of details in order to have superior characteristics and features, such as:
• Monolithic design: the resistant and reliable one-piece cast iron housing protects all components avoiding any accidental damages. Pump housing is processed with CNC machines to achieve high precision tolerances and high accuracy.
• Chromed piston rod and oil seal: in order to avoid rust and prevent oil leakage during the use.
• Maximum pressure valve: safety device that protects the transpallet against overloads.

• PROPORTIONAL LOWERING VALVE: lowering speed can be proportionally controlled according to the lever position on the tiller. Perfect working tool to carry fragile and delicate loads like crystal, glass and ceramics.

• Nylon - Poly 45 steering wheels
• Poly rollers
• Entry/exit rollers. Supplementary rollers to allow easier entrance and quicker exit from a closed pallet, reducing the impact on the main rollers and guaranteeing a longer life.
• 3D Superior Ergonomic shape tiller. This tiller has a special 3D design, with enhanced ergonomics. Compared to a conventional tiller, this shape allows the operator to have a good position when pushing the loads with maximum efficiency without fatigue. This thanks to two large grasping side areas specifically designed to have a correct position during operation of the truck.


Following an appropriate conditioning operation the frame is varnished with polyester powder at a temperature of 250° to guarantee maximum resistance to wear and atmospheric agents.

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*Manufacturers Specication may change without prior notice, this is a guide only*


1.1 Manufacturer: PR INDUSTRIAL
1.3 Drive: Manual
1.4 Operator type: Pedestrian
1.5 Load capacity Q Kg: 2500
1.6 Load centre distance c mm: 500
1.8 Load axle to end forks x mm: 782
1.9 Wheel base y mm: 1042


2.1 Service weight Kg: 61
2.2 Axle load, laden rear Kg: 1845
2.2 Axle load, laden front Kg: 715
2.3 Axle load, unladen rear Kg: 22
2.3 Axle load, unladen front Kg: 38


3.1 Tyres: front wheels: POLY.I./ NYLON
3.1 Tyres: rear wheels: POLY
3.2 Tyre size: Steering wheels - Diameter mm: 200
3.2 Tyre size: Steering wheels - Width mm: 45
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Diameter mm: 82
3.3 Tyre size: Load rollers - Width mm: 60
3.5 Tyre size: rear wheels - Q.ty (X=driven) nr: 4
3.5 Tyre size: front wheels - Q.ty (X=driven) nr: 2
3.6 Tread, front b10 mm: 155
3.7 Tread, rear b11 mm: 375


4.4 Lift height h3 mm: 115
4.9 Height of tiller in drive position max h14 mm: 1185
4.9 Height of tiller in drive position min h14 mm: 710
4.15 Height, lowered h13 mm: 85
4.19 Overall lenght l1 mm: 1400
4.20 Lenght to face of forks l2 mm: 400
4.21 Overall width b1 mm: 525
4.22 Fork dimensions - Thickness s mm: 55
4.22 Fork dimensions - Width e mm: 150
4.22 Fork dimensions - Lenght l mm: 1000
4.25 Distance between fork arms b5 mm: 525
4.32 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 mm: 30
4.34 Aisle width Ast mm 1873 4.35 Turning radius Wa mm: 1217