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Hyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai Generator
Hyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai GeneratorHyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai GeneratorHyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai GeneratorHyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai GeneratorHyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai Generator

Hyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai Generator

Product Code: Hyundai DHY9KSEm

  • A single phase standby diesel generator with a maximum output of 9kVA.
  • Powered by an 11hp HY380 diesel engine.
  • Equipped with an AVR alternator for a clean energy output.
  • Can be connected to an ATS system for an automatic power transfer.
  • Housed in a “silenced” weather-proof canopy.
  • Free UK Delivery. 

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£ 5,280.00 inc. VAT

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Hyundai DHY9KSEm Hyundai Generator

The Hyundai DHY9KSEm is a single phase diesel generator with a maximum output of 8.8kW. Designed for standby use for your home or business, the DHY9KSEm is powered by an 11hp HY380 diesel engine and is equipped an AVR alternator to produce clean energy. This means that any sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions, PCs and laptops, can safely be powered by the DHY9KSEm.

The DHY9KSEm can be started manually by using the key, or connected to an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) system. An ATS system will automatically detect a loss of power from the mains, turn your DHY9KSEm on automatically, and then turn it off again when power returns from the mains.

Housed in a weather-proof “silenced” canopy, the DHY9KSEm produces only 65dB @ 7 metres which makes it a quiet standby generator which won’t interrupt you at home or work.

The DHY9KSEm benefits from being an economical diesel generator, capable of running on red diesel which is significantly cheaper than road diesel and is safer to store than petrol.

Equipped with a 42L fuel tank, the DHY9KSE is a long running standby diesel generator, using just below 2 litres of fuel per hour. Running at 1500rpm, the engine is stressed less than in 3000rpm generators and this helps extend the lifespan of the machine if properly serviced. 

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Gross Weight (kg) 530
Engine Type HY380
No Of Cylinders 3
Displacement (CC) 1357
Cooling Method Water
Speed (RPM) 1500
Voltage Regulation Method AVR
Rated kVA 10
Max/Cont Current (a) 38/35
Frequenzy (Hz) 50
Connection Method(s) 1 x230V/63A, 1 x 230V/32A
Battery Type (v/Ah) 2 x 12/36
Runtime (hrs) @ 50% / 100% 23/12
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1500 x 760 x 1070